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KidZania London

KidZania is a kid sized city for 4-14 year olds in Westfield Shopping Centre, London with more than 60 real life role play adventures designed to empower children, allowing them to run a radio station, play inside an actual British Airways plane, try their hand as a paramedic, work in a dentist surgery, an art studio, a hospital, supermarket and so much more.

We parked easily and found KidZania located near Marks and Spencer. The impressive entrance looks like an airport, my children were beyond excited checking in. The check in process was fast and simple, with no wait time. We were all given wristbands, which meant the children couldn’t leave the city without us and allowed us to find their last location if necessary.

There is a lovely coffee shop where adults can work or relax for a few hours. Children over 8 can be left in the city while you shop which would be a real treat as Westfield has some amazing shops!

Children start with 50 KidZos which they can use to pay for experiences such as the climbing wall, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and face painting.

Climbing Wall

There is usually a bit of a wait for the climbing wall, so we’d recommend going here first if you have an early slot, or keeping an eye our for a quiet moment. Children need to be wearing trousers or leggings and trainers for this experience too.

Climbing at KidZania


Face Paint by Snazaroo

Hannah waited for about 10 minutes to get her face painted, but she didn’t mind as we hadn’t waited for anything else and she REALLY wanted to be a rabbit.

rabbit face paint by snazaroo

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

This experience allows children to create their own burger toppings for a burger they get to take away. All three of my children LOVED this experience which was well worth the KidZo expenditure.

GBK experience KidZania

Gourmet Burger Kitchen at KidZania

Children can earn more KidZos by completing experiences which offer a salary.

One not to miss is definitely either the Paramedic, Fire Fighter or Police ( or all three if you have time ) as children not only get to train, but also get to go to an emergency scene and try out their new skills.

Police Experience KidZania

Police Experience KidZania


Favourite experiences for a 10 year old boy

Radio station
Music Academy
Pit Lane Experience
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Climbing Building
Aviation Academy
Favourite experiences for 6 and 8 year old girls

Children’s hospital



We had a brilliant afternoon at KidZania, and would most defintiely recommend it. We’ve visited twice now and still haven’t tried everything. The city is very well managed, we’ve never waited very long for any experience apart from climbing and have easily stayed for the full 4 allocated hours.

If children have spare KidZos at the end of their visit they can save them for next time or if they have 75 KidZos can open a bank account and get a bank card!

KidZania Bank

See the KidZania website for more information.

Thanks to KidZania London for a brilliant day out.